Planet A Radio Show

Planet A: Because there is no planet B.

This program has been retired.

I previously had the wonderful opportunity to produce and host an interview-format public radio program on KZUM 89.3 FM in Lincoln, Nebraska. I am forever grateful for this experience and continue to be big KZUM fan.

From December 2016 to some time in 2020, I hosted a program I titled “Story Strong,” which featured a variety of local community stories. I had the delight to talk to a beekeeper, a cheesemaker, a yoga instructor, a farmer, various entrepreneurs and so many other vibrant souls over the years that help fuel Lincoln, Nebraska. We also heard candid personal accounts like the man who spoke about how services in Lincoln helped him recover from alcoholism and the woman who decided to approach and revisit her childhood love of figure skating. Thank you so much to everyone who bared their souls on (often live) local radio!

In late 2020, I renamed the show “Planet A,” and shifted the focus to climate change and other environmental issues, typically through a Nebraska and Lincoln lens. Programs explored renewable energy methods, farming practices, policy and much more. I retired the program in 2021. Independent journalism is very time consuming!

A BIG thank you to all of the generous guests over the years and everyone at KZUM for their support. Please support your local community station!

Founded in 1978, KZUM is powered by the community, a very small staff and about 100 volunteer programmers.

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